Digital Pathology Solutions

Digital Pathology is a dynamic, image-based environment which enables acquisiton, management and diagnosis of the pathology data. Preliminary diagnostic,  consultation for diagnostic purpose, intraoperative consultation, education of the students and residents, manual or semi-manual quantification of immunohistochemical (IHC) studies, clinical research, decision support in diagnosis, peer-to-peer review and tumor board are the main application areas of digital pathology.   

Applications of digital pathology in Life Sciences can be summarized as follows ; whole slide scanning, quantification analysis of the images, instant consultation through web (tele-consultation), safe storage of the images. 

KFBIO is among the largest and most experienced manufacturers of “Whole Slide Imaging” Systems in China. KFBIO has solutions/products on the followings fields ;

  • Whole Slide Imaging Equipments,
  • Image Analysis and Management Tools/Softwares,
  • Information/Workflow Management Systems for Pathology Labs

In order to answer different needs of pathologists and hospital managers KFBIO manufactures different types of “Whole Slide Imaging” systems with 2, 5, 20, 120 and 400 slide storage capacity.   The company has more than 1500 installations worlwide.





With their high resolution capability and  scan speed of 40sec/slide (20X, 15mmx15mm), Whole Slide Imaging Systems manufactured by KFBIO are among the systems having best performance and technical characteristics in the market.

Digital Pathology, as a prooven and essential technology,  continues its development with high accelaration specifically in education, tissue-based research, drug development and human pathology .  In addition to decrease laboratory costs, Digital Pathology helps to improve operational efficiency and productivity, decision-making process for treatment and patient care. 

KFBIO has been developping SW for the distribution/viewing and analysis of digital pathology images from remote locations as well as on mobile devices. Thus, the system enables remote-consultation as well as on-line teaching from remote locations.

We are glad to announce the signature of our distributorship agreement with NINGBO KONFOONG BIOINFORMATION TECH.CO.LTD. (KFBIO)  

We have now been appointed as the sole agent of KFBIO in Turkey. 

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