Remote Consultation Platform

Accurate Diagnosis in Every Case

  • After the physical slide is scanned, the hospital can upload the case data and digital image package to the KFB remote consultation platform.
  • The pathology experts receive a reminder to logon to the platform; they can quickly view the entire digital slice, make a diagnosis and send the diagnostic report. 

  • Rich expert resources, authoritative diagnose in timely manner

  • Interactive platform experience with rich functions and easily operation
  • All the process of the group diagnose can be easily checked

Software Functions

  • Hospital:doctor of pathologically department makes group diagnose application, registering relevant medical information and upload the documents related, then selects or automatic matches experts; after the completion of the diagnose report by the expert, the hospital will receive the report and print it out directly.
  • Center:matching the experts intelligently and reservation reminding service for experts.
  • Expert:receives reservation reminding, log in KFB remote group diagnose platform, diagnose the whole digital section image and relevant medical reports and then send the diagnose report with signature.