Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

Lightning Fast Speed

15x15mm, 20X, 25sec only

Support 400 slides scanning one time

Quiet and Stable Scanning

Magnetic suspension motor drive

%99.85 slides scanned succesfully

High Fidelity

High resolution, 0.5um/pixel (20X) 

0.5um/pixel (40X) WSI scanning

High Precision

20nm positioning accuracy

Support 80X magnification

High Compatibility

Support,  brightfield and fluorescence

Support different image formats

Professional Services

Customize products within a short time 

Provide in time technical 

and after-sales services

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– Digital Pathology 400 slides scanner

– High Throughput, Fast, Stable, Automatic

– Brightfield & Fluorescence

– Clinic, Education, Telepathology, Scientific Research

Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

Image Quality

High Image Quality for Digital Pathology KFBIO Digital Pathology Slide Scanner plays a leading role worldwide in movement accuracy,focus accuracy and image processing accuracy. Accurate whole slide imaging meets the requirementsof traditional manual slide viewing and operation. It’s also suitable for the AI-assisted analysis of digital images

High Quality, 3 Colors Independent Processing

K-SCP color processing method helps restore the original color, saturation, color temperature, color contrast and other indicators to enhanceimages, as well as color compensation of different displays after imaging

High Resolution, 0.25um/pixel (40X)

It adopts top optical accessories. The light source, objective lens, camera, optical path and other accessories are comprehensively optimized. It greatly improves the optical resolution to directly observe the structure and details in the cell. The nucleus edge is sharp and the internal structure is clearly visible. The resolution distance can be as small as 0.125µm

High Precision, 20nm Fine Control, 80X Magnification

Linear magnetic axis drive and grating ruler positioning mechanism are adopted to achieve ultra-high precision of image movement control and image positioning at the nanometer level. It helps sample fast and accurately to achieve stable imaging for a longer period of time. The magnification can reach 80x.


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