Digital Pathology Slide Scanner (Fluorescence)

Top Filter

Minimum spectral band resolution

reaches 10nm

The transmission rate reaches 99

SCMOS Camera

Active refrigeration SCMOS

fluorescence camera

High Signal to Noise Ratio

Original Light Source Lightning

Specific spectral band LED light;

source excitation

Prevent cross-color efficiently

Original Preview Shooting Technique

20nm positioning accuracy

Support 80X magnification

Flexible Configuration

Automated identification of scan areas

Shorten Scan Time

Professional Services

Removable Color Filter 

Easy to Maintain

Play Video


– Digital 5 slides scanner

– Fast, Stable, Clear

– Fluorescence

– Clinic, scientific research, tumor micro-environment

Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

Fluorescence Scanning Features

KFBIO Digital Pathology Slide Scanners (fluorescence) have excellent performance in its movement accuracy, focus accuracy and image processing accuracy. Its accurate whole slide imaging meets the requirements of slide viewing and diagnosis. It’s also suitable for the AI-assisted analysis of digital slide images

Excellent cross color suppression design

Independent LED light source avoids cross color. It features with its high contrast, high brightness, no drift and no cross color. It’s more suitable for specific fluorescence channel. CHROMA filter narrowband filter is equipped. The minimum spectral band resolution reaches 10nm.It efficiently separates different fluorescence channels to achieve large information density without affecting the quality of data.

High sensitivity refrigerated scientific CMOS camera

Equip Dhyana 400D high-sensitivity refrigeration scientific CMOS camera. Low signal-to-noise ratio, high resolution. Equipped with a new 1.2 inch surface array scientific CMOS chip. The quantum efficiency at 600 nm is up to 80%. 6.5 um pixel size and 2*2 pixel binning function realized by FPGA, suitable for low-light detection and imaging. The Dhyana 400D has excellent performance, with only 2 electrons of readout noise. The browsing speed is up to 35 frames/s at 4 megapixels. And the data transmission speed is up to 5Gb/s to provide strong support for users’ work.

Large field of view, long work life

The field of view within 26.5mm maintains flat field well. Shooting and exposure time is greatly reduced. LED light source ensures more than 20000 hours of life and it’s easy for maintenance. Wireless charging technology is introduced to power the light source by using non-contact Hall switch. Wires are reduced and the system stability is greatly increased. Non-contact brush reduces the wear probability and greatly increases the working life

Image processing algorithm (IPA)

The fluorescence image stitching algorithm based on high-precision direct position feedback is used to splice images to obtain seamless whole-slide images and improve browsing experience. Pupil function of visual image enhancement algorithm is applied. No need to correct slides. The optical field information is efficiently estimated based on the limited excitation light information. When the light field information will not change with the increase of new sample, you can judge that this light field information was the right information of the light, and the light field will be calibrated based on this information.


FISH scanning analysis
Multiplex immunofluorescence scanning
Scientific research applications: brain research, liver and stem cell research, drug research and development
Tumor micro environment analysis/ spatial transcriptome analysis

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