Healthcare IT Solutions

Moving to digital in healthcare has been going on at least during tha last 10 years. It begun with the implementation of electronic patient records, now the hospital managers and owners are looking ways to acheive more reasonable results from the system they have in place.
The situation is more or less similar in Turkey and we expect to see the following trends in the coming years in our country.
Novelsis Technology Solutions is interrested in providing innovative IT solutions to his customers. In this respect, we have been negotiating with global HIT solutions providers in order to become their authorized distributor in Turkey.
We hope to announce our distributorship agreement soon.

Patient Engagement and Experience

Nowdays, patients would like to take role in the decision making process for the healthcare. Patient role in the success of their own healthcare is obvious. 

Similarly, patient experience management encompasses the range of interactions patient have within the healthcare system.

Moving to Digital Health

Digitization of Healthcare will enable application of various forms of technologies to upend traditional business models. This will give more options to patients and providers for the delivery of care. 

AI and Data Visualisation

Another important goal of digitization is to assist clinicians with decision support, reduce financial risk, effective management of cronic diseases and more…

We begun seeing AI applications more and more in medical imaging sector, machine learning will shortly become standart in radiology,


The possibility of sharing digital patient records across critical systems and funcitonal teams clinicians that use them increases efficiency in care and improve clinical decision support. 

EHR Optimisation

With widely use of EHR systems, the importance of managing data in a more  interactive and responsive  manner became important. New platform and infrastructure innovations will allow  care providers to manage unstructed data in order to use the benefits of AI applications .

Data Security and Information Protection

As data generation has tremendously increased and digitisation became a standart, protection from huckers’ attacks and from different intrusion techniques is a must in today’s conditions.

Demand For Virtual Care

As a result of the increasing competition, care providers are obliged to provide better service at minimum cost in the most effective manner. For that reason, care providers continue to push care to a virtual environment. On the otherhand, patients expect to have the same virtual services and utility they have been experiencing in the other parts of their life.