Site Planning

Novelsis Technology Solutions has been providing support to his customers in the planning of a medical imaging department as a whole or for the site planning of a spesific imaging equipment room. We can help you design the following departments of your institution:

  •  Radiology Department
  •  Cath Labs
  •  Nuclear Medicine Department
  •  Operating Theatres,
  •  ICU/NICU’s
  •  Strerilisation Unit
  •  Physical Therapy
  •  Radiation Oncology
  •  Emergency Unit

Radiology Department Design & Construction Service

Radiology Departments are one of the most complex departments of an hospital due to the diversity of the equipments  and the high technology used. Selecting teh best equipment unfortunately does not secure the outcome you expect to get unlesss you design and cosntruct the site properly.  

In addition to common requirements like space availability, electricity, HVAC and IT infrastructure each modality may have some spesific site requirements unique to itself like, Magnetic Compatibility, vibration and acoustic tests etc..

Nuclear Medicine Department Design & Construction Service

Nuclear Medicine Departments are very similar to Radiology Departments in terms of modality room plans. However, management of radioactive materials and injected (ionized) patients, and the design of Hotlabs, injection rooms and waiting rooms make nuclear medicine departments different and more complex to design. 

Our experts have long and strong experience to give your support for the design of your Nuclear Medicine Department in line with your requirements. We can easily and effectively give support for the planning of the following equipments.

  • PET-CT

Our experts can give you support in any of the following areas according to your plans and needs:

  • We can plan and design your rooms&departments,
  • We can make the construction according to the design,

Contractor Performance Management/Approval 

In addition to abovementioned services, we can also provide you “Contractor Performance Management/Approval” service in case you prefer to work with another company for the construction of your site. 

In this case, we control the quality and the content of the work performed and we submit our findings in a structured report format.