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Let us Scan Your Slides !

Haven’t you got a Digital Slide Scanner yet !

Don’t worry, we pick the slides from your address, based on your preference we convert them into digital using our high-resolution Digital Slide Scanners and let you enjoy the advantages of reaching your slide images via internet.   

Moreover, if you wish, we can provide this service at your site also. 

Please reach us via our contact details for further information about our scanning services.

Scan Your Slides Easily and Intelligently

Digital Slide Scanners digitize your slides in high resolution and high speed which you have been normally observing under conventional microscopy.  

Our company has been the exclusive distributor of KFBIO who is the largest Digital Pathology Solutions provider of China with more than 2000 installations worldwide.   

You can reach further details via the link given in below about our Digital Slide Scanner models designed for answering different customer needs.

Your Digital Slide Images Are "One Click" Away"

Storage, distribution and retrieval of digital slide images are quite complicated and difficult to perform but yet crucial. The added-value  expected from digitisation will not be obtained unless the images are distributed and retrieved/reviewed successfully.   

In our portfolio, you can find sw products developed by Indica Labs and KFBIO for the storage/distribution/reviewing and processing of digitised slides. You can reach your digitized slide images at anytime from anywhere as long as there exists internet or intranet connection. 

We Offer You An Assistant: Intelligent And Faster

Transformation of conventional pathology slides into digital has opened the gateway for the Computer Assisted Diagnosis of pathology images on top of the advantages already obtained by the storage and distribution of digital slides. 

In this respect, we became the reseller of Indica Labs who has been one of the most experienced SW development company in the field of Quantitative Pathology. In our portfolio, you may find rich SW product portfolio of Indica Labs related to viewing, distribution and processing of digital slides. Moreover, you will also find AI based pathology applications in our product portfolio. 

Let's Make Processes Visible and Measurable in Your Lab !

Samples delivered to the reception desks in pathology laboratories are subject to different processes according to the type of the sample and to the analyzes required by the pathologist or clinicians. Especially in large scale hospitals, the daily number of samples delivered to pathology lab are quite large. In this kind large size labs there always exists a risk of chaos due to the high density of traffic in the lab.  

Mislabeling or lost samples are the biggest headache of lab managers. Moreover, setting KPI’s and measuring them correctly  are challenging in these kind of labs. 

In our portfolio, you can find Pathology Workflow Management  and Sample Tracking Systems developed by ESBLADA Medical. With  the help of these systems you can track every process and samples with your labs. You can set and measure KPI’s and generate reports.



The MESI mTABLET diagnostic system is a comprehensive system of top-notch diagnostic modules, patient records and medical apps, all in one system.

All diagnostic modules connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with MESI mTABLET providing you with boundless freedom. You can configure your MESI mTABLET according to your following needs :  

  • 12-channel ECG
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Oxymetry
  • Spirometry
  • Toe-Brachial Index
  • Ankle-Brachial Index

    Periferial Arter Hastalıklarının Tanısı Artık Çok Kolay !! 

    • Regule edilmiş şekilde 1 dakika içerisinde gerçekleşen manşon şişirme ve söndürme işlemi sayesinde “rest” süresine artık gerek yok….!!
    • Aynı anda 3 manşondan birden basınç ölçümü sayesinde insan hatalarına ve basınç  kaymalarına son…!!!

    MESIresult SW

    Store, print and analyse your records with the highest resolution…..